DVT Pump  Supplier

Nayome Swdn’s Series-DVT compression pump system is a sequential pneumatic compression system which helps in the prevention and treatment of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), a dangerous condition that can lead to pulmonary embolism. Nayome Swdn’s DVT Compression Pump comprises of the specialized air pump and a skin-friendly compression garment to be worn by the user on the calf, foot or thigh. Using the pump’s advanced software, the controller is capable of supplying a pre-set repetitive cycle of 12 seconds inflation accompanied by a 48 seconds deflation.


The pressure allows the users to reduce stasis and the risk of early clot formation in the arteries. Nayome Swdn’s innovative DVT compression pumps host a range of features for both the users and the caregivers:

High-quality equipment and material:The compression pump is designed to be compact and lightweight with the use of high-quality electronic equipment. The anti-bacterial wearable sleeve comes with a special coating to provide an ultra-comfort DVT system.

Comprehensive certifications:Nayome Swdn’s series of DVT compression pumps have acquired all the major certifications.

Accurate pressure treatments:A pressure of 30-70mm Hg is used for the calf, calf-thigh and 80-120mm Hg for foot treatments.

Easy controls:The Series-DVT compression system provides easy to use controls backed by a digital screen showing present pressure cycles and featured alarms.

Integrated battery:Providing a battery back-up of up to 6 hours, the integrated battery is capable of providing continuous compression therapy with utmost user comfort.

Dual compression: Nayome Swdn’s Series-DVT compression pump is capable of providing both uniform and sequential active compression to prevent Venous Stasis and Deep Vein Thrombosis.