Specifications :

Premium headgear makes fitting and adjustment a snap.

Stability selector for proper seal and fit.

Angled exhalation ports direct air aeay from bed partner.

Resistance control for optimum pap therapy.

Uses :

Comfortgel blue full is an excellent advancement for users who need a full-face mask.

A comfortable forhead cushion and enhanced stability selector combine with our popular blue gel replaceable cushion to create a high level of comfort and stability.

The unique sure seal technology(SST) provides a membrane thin layer over the gel cushion to closely follow facial countours of both men and women, allowing more wearers to quickly acheive the comfortable seal they need.

Works together with the thin,form fitting outer silicon membrane to create an effective, self-adjusting seal.

Not only does our blue gel provide extra stability, it is thinner lighter than ever before.