Air mattress  With Pump

Bed sores or pressure ulcers are localized areas of soft tissue injury resulting from compression between a bony prominence and an external surface. They are quite common in critically ill patients who are forced to stay in bed following critical surgery. Air bed or air mattress is used to prevent bed sores.

Bubble Type Air bed mattress:

  • Description

    • Size : L 6ft x W 3ft x H3in

    • Bubble Type 3 inch thick mattress

    • Comes with air electric compressor

    • Load Bearing :120 kg

Spiral Type Air bed mattress:

  • Description

    Size :L 6ft x W 3ft x H6in

    Tube type 3 inch thick mattress.

    Load Bearing:120kg

    Comes with air electric compressor.

Nayome Type Air bed mattress:

The series Air mattreass ia a 5" semi-digital pump mattress replacement system powered by Nayome Swdn's technologically advanced multi-functional controller.The mattress comes with a 9.0L linear compressor equipped with detacable power cord.The semi-digital pump integrated with the air mattress has an alternate mode and 20 minutes static mode with selectable time.

  • Nayome Swdn's series-Air mattress offers features such as:

    Effective moisture and skin heat reduction through innovative iLAL (inadependant Low Air Loss) .

    Analog dial for adjustable comfort control.

    High quality dual molded tooth zipper covers for easy laundry and replacement.

    Soil resistance via fire-retardant covers.

    Medical grade effective vapour permeable to provide user safety.